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Tritone Music Series

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Technical Support Center

Hours of operation are from 8:30am to 4:30pm Coastal Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

Tel: 1 (604) 451-5547

If you have a question, please complete the Technical Support Form and someone from our Technical Support Team will assist you.

Technical Support Form

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Please use the form below to describe your technical problem. The more information you provide and clearly state, the more efficient our technical personal will be in assisting you.

Please note: All information must be completely and accurately filled out before submitting the form.

Note: Marked with * are required.
Section 1 - Contact Information
1.1 Please provide us with your contact information:
Name: *
E-mail: *
1.2 Please provide us with your position: (For Schools Only)
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1.3 Please provide us with the name of the school: (For Schools Only)
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Please make sure that your student number and password belongs to the person named above as this will be checked and verified.

1.4 Please enter your student number and password
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Section 2- Equipment


Please indicate your operating system:
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Please indicate your online browser:
2.3 Please indicate your musical instrument and model number:
2.4 If Other, please indicate the brand name of musical instrument and model number:
Brand Name: Model:
Section 3 - Technical Problem
3.1 Please indicate the area(s) that you are experiencing problems.
Login CourseWatch (Course Management System)
Tritone Music Series (Courseware) MIDI Setup
Javatrax (Evaluation Sequencer) Other
3.2 Please describe your technical problem in detail including any error messages that may have appeared.
3.3 Please indicate any steps already taken to solve the problem