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New Brunswick Multimedia Awards

  • Best Educational Product
  • Best Use of Innovative Technology


Course Review Service

May 2010

The course reviewers were very impressed with the Tritone Music Managed Learning Environment. It was clear that significant investment has been made in the technology and that the work has been refined over time based on the knowledge and expertise of experienced music educators as well as the feedback from schools and students. The full year beginning music course was of high quality and met nearly all of the iNACOL standards.

The evaluation of the full year beginning music course showed compliance with 98% of the standards evaluated. In fact of the 52 standards evaluated, there was only 1 standard that did not receive an overall rating of at least 3.00. The results are summarized below:

Standard Compliance Percentage
A. Content 100%
B. Instructional Design 100%
C. Student Assessment 100%
D. Technology 90%
E. Course Evaluation & Management 100%
F. 21st Century Skills 100%

Your course received very strong scores -- certainly better than average. There is no such thing as the perfect course so there is always going to be room for improvement.

Matthew Wicks & Associates, Inc.

California Learning Resource Network

Review panel found our materials to be in compliance with social content requirements. The Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division of the California Department of Education (CDE) reviewed and has listed Tritome Music Series in the California Department of Education Legal Compliance Curriculum Catalog.

Mount Alison University

"The Tritone Music Curriculum is navigating uncharted waters in order to address the need for introductory music instruction over the Internet. The overall effect is a program that holds the learner's interest through interactive activities and immediate feedback on practice items."

Mount Alison University
Centre of Learning Technologies
Sackville, NB

Digital Brain

"The course content is excellent. The cross-referencing of notation, aural, theory, performance practice, technology, recording discipline, history, repertoire, improvisation, etc., is educationally very sound. It develops the whole musician. The repetition and rehearsal of basic concepts is also an important inclusion. The course has a watertight structure, which makes the best possible use of the multi-media. Tritone would be useful to any beginner musician anywhere, learning privately, or through state or private education."

Simon Lesley, Professional Composer/Teacher
Birmingham, England

"Tritone is providing global access to music education that crosses all cultural boundaries and promotes appreciation and enjoyment that is both meaningful and stimulating for both the student and teacher."

James England, Music Educationalist
United Kingdom


Miramichi, NB Canada - School District

"This is a new and exciting way for our students to learn both music theory and proper technique. Working with a computer-assisted program that is delivered online challenges them in new ways. One of the benefits of this program is the ability for them to progress at their own pace. Some students have been motivated by this program to look into private music lessons."

"Teachers are finding this program is meeting some of their needs in delivering music to students with varied backgrounds. The program allows the teachers to monitor the progress of their students and to assist and encourage them as they acquire new skills. The data obtainable through the individual tracking system is very beneficial in assessing a student's strengths and weaknesses."

Kathy Baldwin, Superintendent
School District 16, Miramichi, NB