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Course Materials

In addition to the Pop Keyboard Course, Tritone has two specialized Junior Programs. Music Street is a three year program for children who are four or five years of age when they begin. Keyboard Corner is a two year program for children who are six or seven years of age when they begin.

Pop Keyboard

T.M.A. Pop Keyboard Course is an organized, step-by-step method designed for students anywhere from eight years old to senior.

The approach used allows for fast and motivating progress. Songs in the books are carefully chosen to appeal to most musical tastes and cover a wide variety of popular styles. In addition to learning all the basics of good musicianship that include ear training, note reading, rhythm, technique and theory, students are also guided in the operation of the instrument so that every song may be developed to its fullest potential.

Theory worksheets, technique exercises, sound and tempo suggestions, general product information and reference pages are included in each book to provide a thorough curriculum for the students and teachers. Creativity, arranging, orchestration and improvisation are also encouraged and developed, and supplementary songs are often given to fit the individual needs of a student. The result is a student who is comfortable playing almost any style of popular music along with their own touch of creativity.


We want to insure that students and teachers get the most out of all the T.M.A. programs. That is why Teacher's guides are available offering valuable playing suggestions as well as lesson plans, course outlines, supplementary material and much more. These guides, in a convenient easy to use CD format, can guarantee a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of each grade so that the maximum results and benefits will be achieved.

Program 1

Book 1 is designed for students who have completed the Intro book, or have some previous training. It steps the student through a comprehensive well organized unit by unit course of study that is highlighted by over 40 popular songs in a variety of styles. Theory, technique and popular playing concepts are also covered as the students expand their musical vocabulary. Hit songs include "The Rose", "Star Wars", "Chariots of Fire","Amazing Grace" and "Don't Be Cruel".

Program 2

Continuing on from Program 1, new rhythm patterns are presented that allow the students to play an even wider range of popular styles. As in all the books songs are arranged in lead sheet and grand staff formats so that both chord symbol reading and bass clef reading are mastered. Some of the great songs include "Daydream Believer", "Under the Boardwalk", "In the Mood," "Runaway" and "Summertime".

Program 3

Students are exposed to a broader range of notes, more advanced playing techniques, new minor keys and chords, new time signatures and longer more professional arrangements. Some of the familiar songs include "California Dreamin," "Funkytown", "Canon in D", "Blueberry Hill", and "Can You Read My Mind".

Program 4

More advanced chords are introduced enabling students to learn a wider range of popular songs ranging from jazz and Latin standards to Broadway and Movie themes. More new keys and time signatures are presented and left hand accompaniment technique is further developed. Popular songs you'll be playing include "Memory", "The Exodus Song", "A Summer Place", "Somewhere Out There", "Tuxedo Junction" and "Can't Help Falling In Love".

Junior Music (now available!)

The T.M.A. Junior Programs are designed for young beginners with the purpose of teaching them the fundamentals of music and basic keyboard skills. Through a variety of stimulating activities that are based around the students natural abilities they acquire an appreciation for rhythm, harmony and melody. Both the ear and the eye are developed and the students are soon playing familiar songs with both hands. Emphasis is on fun and developing a love for music, and this is accomplished effectively through the many musical activities involved in each lesson. Graduates of any of the Junior Programs will definitely have a head start on children starting music at an older age, and will experience greater success in whatever future musical activities they pursue. All they need to start is a piano or keyboard and some parental support to begin what is sure be an exciting and rewarding learning experience.

Keyboard Corner

Keyboard Corner is a two-year program for 6 and 7 year old beginners. The format is similar to Music Street, however the maturity of the children is taken into consideration when introducing new musical concepts, and a little more emphasis is put on actual performance and repertoire. However students still benefit from ensemble playing, ear training and some singing. As in Music Street students learn to read both two staff music as well as recognize chords symbols. Because of their developing physical abilities Keyboard Corner students can begin performing more interesting accompaniments with their songs and produce more creative arrangements. Having musical fun is still the goal of every lesson.

Keyboard Corner (PDF)

Music Street

Music Street is a three-year program for beginners 4 or 5 years of age. Students are motivated to learn through various singing and playing activities as they are introduced to all the note names and animals that live on Music Street. Unlike many courses for young children the TMA Junior Courses create students who develop good performance skills within the first year, while still developing their ear and reading skills, as well as ensemble playing and understanding music fundamentals. Students and parents will be encouraged, if not amazed, at what can be accomplished at such a young age and how much fun it is.

Music Street (PDF)