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Tritone Music Series

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Managed Learning Environment

The Tritone Music Series is an award-winning Managed Learning Environment (MLE) focused on delivering music education courseware over the Internet to schools and distant learning environments. Created by leading music educators, our integration of curriculum, assessment and course management distinguishes it as one of the top online music programs available to the educational market.

Currently, the Tritone Music Series focuses on courseware designed to teach music and keyboard performance. Future developments will include a broad range of other instruments.

For the teacher, the courseware offers a comprehensive, balanced and sequential program that supports National Music Standards and provides a consistent level of music education, assessment and record maintenance.

For the student, the courseware offers a fun and motivating, interactive multimedia learning experience while teaching them the fundamentals of music through a self-paced, graded, keyboard-based music curriculum.

For the parent, the courseware offers the opportunity to become involved in their child's music education by enabling them to view their child's progress report online anytime, anywhere.

Utilizing patented Internet technologies to deliver high quality multimedia content, this subscription-based courseware is ideal for schools and home learning environments as well as for private music teachers. Setup and navigation is user-friendly making it easy to use and because it is online, the courseware is accessible anytime, anywhere.