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Tritone Music Academy

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What is Tritone Music Academy?

T.M.A. stands for Tritone Music Academy. It is a comprehensive music education system based on a popular music curriculum. The two main courses that comprise T.M.A. are the internationally recognized Pop Keyboard Course and the Junior Music Courses (Music Street and Keyboard Corner). Both are designed to help students of all ages develop a wide variety of practical musical skills, while developing an extensive repertoire of familiar songs covering a broad range of styles. The diverse selection of songs, combined with an organized and easy to understand approach means students of all ages will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The T.M.A. system is a practical approach that is aimed at achieving results as soon as possible, while still teaching all the important basics necessary in music education. In addition to learning familiar songs the T.M.A. system also develops other musical skills such as arranging, improvisation and creativity. Through the T.M.A. programs students develop in all the key areas of musicianship (eye, ear, mind and body) that provide them with the necessary and practical skills to enjoy music for a lifetime.