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Tritone Music Academy

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Special Features

Tritone Music Academy education system is based on a comprehensive, graded curriculum encompassing popular music for all types of keyboard instruments. It is designed to provide students with the ability to express themselves musically, teaching everything from the basics of music to advanced musical expression. This practical approach leaves the student with a broad understanding and enjoyment of many styles of music and playing techniques.

Versatile and Flexible

The T.M.A. programs are designed to help as many students and teachers enjoy music as possible. Therefore they can be taught as private or group lessons using virtually any variety of keyboard instruments, from acoustic pianos to digital pianos and keyboards. Also how the course is used and the duration of each level is at the discretion of the teacher. Although T.M.A. has provided guides and suggestions the teachers have the academic freedom to adapt the programs to suit their specific needs as well as those of the student. The materials are comprehensive enough to stand alone as a student's primary course, or serve as a supplement to their existing course for pop music repertoire and training. No matter how it is incorporated, the T.M.A. program adds new excitement and fun to any traditional approach.


All areas of music study are included - from theory and technical development to creative ideas and improvisation.


No other program on the market has a greater variety of material included in each book. The student is exposed to a wide range of popular styles, classical themes, jazz, country, sacred, blues, latin, etc. Almost every song will be familiar to most students.


The program is designed to be easy to teach and learn. Students are prepared for each concept before they encounter it in a song. The curriculum is divided into units of work to keep the focus on one concept at a time. Instructions are clear and consistent. New items are always introduced in color. Worksheets and technique drills are included in addition to the songs. Both traditional grand staff reading (bass and treble clef) and lead sheet reading (treble and chord symbols) are included. Fingering, expression markings and tempo suggestions are also provided.


The T.M.A. system recognizes the value of technology in today's music education process. Therefore in the programs students and teachers are encouraged to use a variety of instrumental sounds or performance aids if they are available. The student's knowledge and understanding of how to utilize technology in music will improve as they progress through the course, depending on the resources that are available.