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Tritone Music Series

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CourseWatch delivers curriculum content to the user and retrieves an on-the-fly assessment of the student activities for every page in the course. Data recorded for each student include time spent on the page, the number of accesses and outcome scores for graded activities.

CourseWatch standard reporting provides information on Course Completion and results from Reviews, Quizzes, Exams and Performances.

Reporting can be further tailored to provide information on any of the key learning elements taught in the course from any of the student activities. These may include note reading, rhythm, music theory or ear training.

The combination of the Tritone Music Series evaluation process, the organization and structure of the music curriculum with standard quizzes and exams, and the monitoring of specific activities by CourseWatch provide an immediate visual reference of progress for the teacher, parent and student.

CourseWatch can support a district's desire to reinforce distinct learning elements by further customization of content and reports. This flexibility in Tritone design can work towards optimizing student learning outcomes.