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Tritone Music Series

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Content Design and Customization

The Tritone Music Series, through its comprehensive design and holistic approach, presents all aspects of music for the beginner in an organized fashion.

CourseWatch applications have allowed Tritone to build an interactive, comprehensive methodology to teach melody, rhythm and harmony as well as other elements such as improvisation, history, composition, sight reading, ear training and music appreciation.

Tritone content design and CourseWatch management allows for simple customization of the musical elements taught. Course content can be reorganized and individual lessons and activities can be included or excluded as desired to create a new custom course. This in turn allows our clients to establish their own learning milestones for exams and quizzes.

For a more detailed look at the Course structure, go here.


The Tritone Music Series - Beginner Music One course is divided into three Modules. At this time, French and English courses are available.


Each of these Modules is divided into Units. Module One, as illustrated, is divided into 7 distinct Units and one Quiz. It is best for the student to work his/her way through the Units in a consecutive order.


Each Unit is divided into Chapters, and within the Chapters the pages are divided into Lessons and Activities.


Interactive Lessons teach individual musical concepts in a well thought out methodology. It is best that a Lesson be completed first before advancing on to an accompanying Activity.


Every musical concept introduced in a Lesson is immediately followed up and reinforced in a variety of fun and interactive Activities.

Summaries, Worksheets and Reviews

At the beginning of each Unit there is a Review of previously covered topics. A Summary and a Worksheet can be found at the end of the Unit.


The student's Summary and Review responses are submitted, marked and saved into a database which can be accessed by both student and teacher.


Worksheets are printable documents that can be printed and passed out to the students and passed in at a designated time.

Quiz & Exam

At the end of the module there is a quiz, which covers all topics included within that module. It consists of three parts: Theory Review, Performance Test and a Written Theory Quiz. At the end of the course, there is a final.