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Tritone Music Series

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Javatrax is a special MIDI evaluation sequencer that was designed by a team of music educators with over 30 years of accumulative experience and by a team of innovative java technologists. Together these two teams created an exceptional educational tool that among many things assesses a student's performance by showing a graphical display of pitch, timing and expression. Marks as well as recorded performances are sent to the course management database and saved in the student's progress report for further evaluation.

Javatrax patented technologies definitely bring keyboard performance to a new and exciting level.

  • Records student's performance
  • Assesses pitch, timing, expression
  • Simulates playing along with a teacher
  • Isolates specific measures to practice
  • Adjustable tempo
  • Choice of playing with a metronome or background band
  • Adjustable sounds and volumes in the mixer
  • Sends performances to back-end database
  • Score zoom in/out
  • Printable score
  • Educational and practical features allow students to develop good practicing skills so that they can learn their songs more effectively.
  • Simulation of playing along with the teacher reinforces correct timing and note reading.
  • Assessment of a student's performance focuses on areas that need improvement.
  • Performances sent to the back-end database allow teachers, parents and students to listen and review.
  • Used also for improvising, sight-reading and ear-training drills.