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Tritone Music Series

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Beginner Music Series

Progress Report

Each student has access to his or her own online progress report via the Course Management System. By viewing their progress report they can clearly see what portion of the course they have completed, how much time they have spent on each lesson or activity, how many times they have tried each lesson and activity, their final activity mark, and the first and last date they attempted each lesson and activity.

The Music Resource Center is an area where Students, Teachers and Parents can access tips and information on music education, games and enrichment activities and courseware support. They can also read comments sent to them by their teacher.

One advantage of having the progress report online is that it can be accessed from home or any other remote place. This means that parents can view their child's progress report and become more involved in their music education.

Teachers can easily view the progress reports of each student in their class, send individual comments to each student, generate classroom reports, and control the area of the course they want each student to have access to.