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Tritone Music Series

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Beginner Music Series

Theme Rooms

By visiting a series of theme rooms, each with an engaging character and focused on a particular area of musical development, the student will develop the necessary skills to record their songs and create their own virtual CD!

The Music Room with Freddy Forte

The Music Room is used to introduce new concepts about music through fun and interactive, motivating multimedia lessons and activities.

The Practice Room with Major Metronome

While visiting the Practice Room, students are introduced to songs. This includes rhythm and note reading exercises, practice and song pointers and other playing tips. Students are then given the opportunity to practice the songs utilizing the Javatrax MIDI sequencer and their keyboard instrument.

The Creative Room with Jazmyn

In the Creative Room, students are given arranging ideas, practice and song pointers and playing tips. These ideas are applied to the songs the student is working on.

The Recording Studio with Jack and Patch

The popular Recording Studio gives the students a chance to record their performances onto their own Virtual CD! These performances are kept for later playback anywhere, anytime using My CD Player.

Agent Giggy's Office

After a student has recorded their song arrangement for their Virtual CD!, Agent Giggy will book them to perform at various venues around the world.