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Tritone Music Series

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Beginner Music Series

Song Chapters

Learning how to play a song is a very rewarding experience. But it can also be a very frustrating experience if the correct learning process is not followed. The Beginner Music Series is designed to teach you how to play a song following a proven method teachers have used for years.

First of all, a song should be taught in stages. Learning the right hand and the left hand part of a song separately first will create a faster and more rewarding result when you learn to play the song hands together. Song chapters in each unit of the course focus on the different learning stages of a song.

For example, in a unit you may learn to play two songs at different stages - the right hand for one song and hands together for another. With this method you will be learning to play two to three songs at a time but each will be at a different learning stage.

The lessons and activities within a song chapter are organized to simulate the process a teacher uses when teaching a student how to play a song.