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Tritone Music Series

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Beginner Music Series

Lessons and Activities

The Beginner Music Series teaches students (ages 8 and up) the fundamentals of music and keyboard performance. Concepts are taught in a rich multimedia (text, audio, graphics, video, and animation) game learning environment. Lessons are reinforced with fun, interactive and motivating activities that provide instant feedback and address all types of learning.

With over 1000 lessons and activities in the Beginner Music Series, concepts are continually reinforced throughout each unit, simulating the review a teacher would give during each lesson.


This demo represents a sample of lessons and activities from within the Beginner Music 1 course. Please note that what you see does not reflect the actual order of lessons and activities in the course.

In cases where a musical instrument would be necessary to complete an activity, the activity has been altered to work with a mouse instead.

If you do not already have up-to-date versions of Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player and Apple QuickTime plugins for your browser, you will need to download and installed them on your computer before viewing the Tritone Music Series Tour.