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Tritone Music Series

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Courses in the Tritone Music Series are very educational, well structured and easy to use. They are based on an internationally proven teaching method that is currently taught in 20 countries.

The success of the Tritone Music Series is primarily due to its flexibility.

  • Online (access anytime, anywhere)
  • Self-paced (progress at your own speed)
  • Suitable for various learning environments (public/private schools, home learning schools, recreational (at home learning)
  • Appeals to all ages (young or old)
  • Subscriptions (various options available)

The Tritone Music Series is one of the very few online courses that seriously integrate interactive multimedia elements to teach a skill.

Created by leading music education specialists with over 30 years of combined experience, students will receive a well-balanced education covering all the elements of musical training that support US, CAN and UK standards.

Tritone Corporation is very excited about the future of online learning and continues to create and develop online courses that will expand and challenge the musical mind.