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Tritone Music Series

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In the Home

Parents who would like to introduce music to their child without the initial commitment of lessons often find that there are no quality programs available to support their choice.

The Tritone Music Series offers parents a solution and an opportunity to provide a quality Internet technology-based music education program for their child. Supporting the National Music Standards, Tritone's courseware provides a comprehensive, balanced and sequential curriculum that self teaches concepts through interactive and motivating multimedia lessons and activities.

  • Tritone courseware is an affordable solution that gives your child the opportunity to experience and learn music.
  • Home installations are a snap. All the information you need to get started is e-mailed to you when your subscription is confirmed.
  • Multimedia courseware is self-motivating, engaging and interactive and based on an internationally proven popular music curriculum.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Since the Tritone Music Series is Internet-based the courseware can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Internet technologies automatically assess and record each student's progress. Progress reports can be used to generate student evaluations.
  • Free courseware updates.
  • Minimal learning curve is required due to user-friendly navigation.
  • Parents can now become more involved with their child's music education by accessing an online progress report that includes copies of completed tests and recordings of their child's performances.
  • Curriuclum is suitable on its own or can supplement private music lessons.