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Tritone Music Series

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Home Schooling

The Tritone Music Series offers the home schooling parent an opportunity to provide a quality music education program for their child. Supporting the National Music Standards, Tritone's courseware provides a comprehensive, balanced and sequential curriculum that self teaches concepts through interactive and motivating multimedia lessons and activities.

  • Since the Tritone Music Series is Internet-based, families that travel can connect to the courseware anytime, anywhere without interrupting study and practice time.
  • Internet technologies automatically assess and record your child's progress. Progress reports can be used to generate student evaluations.
  • Multimedia courseware is self-motivating, engaging and interactive.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Free courseware updates.
  • Minimal learning curve is required due to user-friendly navigation.
  • Parents can access their child's online progress report anytime, anywhere to view their tests and to listen to their performances.
  • Curriuclum is suitable on its own or can supplement private music lessons.