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Tritone Music Series

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Privacy Policy

Tritone keeps all your personal information confidential, meaning, it does not share it with any third parties. Tritone will not disclose personal information, without your express consent, unless, acting in good faith, Tritone believes that disclosure is (i) required by law; (ii) necessary to protect and defend Tritone's rights and property; or (iii) necessary to enforce the terms of any agreements with you, including the terms and conditions set out in the Website Disclaimer herein.

Tritone will not send you any unsolicited information, commercial offers, or advertisements (including e-mail) without your permission. However, Tritone may send you information about its services or information relating to your account or course instruction.

Depending on your choices within the Tritone Music Series, Tritone will ask you to provide relevant personal information at the time of registration and will inform you at that time of how it will use your personal information.

In the event that any students are children under the age of thirteen (13) years old, Tritone will not collect, use or disseminate a child's personal information unless Tritone has first received "verifiable" parental consent. At present, "verifiable" parental consent means that Tritone has received, via 1st class mail or facsimile, a completed parental consent form as necessary for the particular suite of services chosen within the Tritone Series, or a completed online version followed up by a telephone call from the consenting parent, together with a verified credit card transaction evidencing payment for the Tritone Course using the consenting parent's credit card.

In general, when dealing with children under the age of thirteen (13), Tritone will not:

  1. Collect online contact information without prior parental consent or direct parental notification of the nature and intended use of this information, which shall include an opportunity for the parent to prevent use of such information and participation in the course. In particular, Tritone will only use online contact information for the purpose of responding to a child's request or submission as necessary for a chosen course, and such information will not be used to contact a child for other purposes without prior parental consent;
  2. Collect individually identifiable off-line contact information without prior parental consent;
  3. Distribute individually identifiable information to third parties without prior parental consent;
  4. Allow children to publicly post or otherwise distribute individually identifiable contact information without prior parental consent, and in particular, Tritone will take best efforts to prevent a child from posting such contact information; or,
  5. Entice a child to divulge more information than is necessary for a particular activity by offering a special game, prize or other activity.

Security Policy

Protecting your privacy and your personal information is very important to Tritone. To achieve this goal, Tritone has taken careful measures to secure your personal information and our physical premises. We will use appropriate safeguards to ensure secure transmission of data between our servers and your personal computer, however, we have no control, and we accept no liability in relation to, your computer hardware systems, software, or any related systems, nor your use thereof.